I remember

I remember when all that I needed came through a tube…

No I don’t, but I wish I did.

I remember playing on swings, the moment where my bottom

separated from the seat, and gravity pushed me back down

as if to say “ Bad girl, I put you on this earth for a reason”.

I remember playing pool, or rather in a pool

Playing with a friend who I’d now call a narcissist.

I remember how she’d dunk my head under,

how I would squirm pathetically.

I remember “monster drinks” trying to be a child chemist

and making the new nanny drink soap.

I remember later feeling guilty about it

when she began to burp bubbles.

I remember being obsessed with people’s ability to accumulate fat

and wishing I could one day demand that much space.

When you are drifting into that carnival slumber

and your thoughts are sway

ing heavy with emotional weight.

Your neck leaves residue on your sweat stained pillow,

as you roll over and welcome your fall.

Your thoughts are ringing and you are so maudlin,

when you think about the comfort your comrades gave you

before they disappeared into the hills of superiority. 

into that L.A opportunity.

Your thoughts are segmented

And suddenly it’s logical to associate

the color green with birthday party,

or toes with pixels.


And finally you are propelled and your body feels like it’s pleasantly

falling slowly into a warm tub and your eyes are rubbing against your lids

sparking involuntarily until you enter the free realm where logic turns into what simply is because nothing is questioned.



daphnesoma asked: and p.s., all of my music is instrumental so far! Hope that doesn't turn you off. And it's all produced digitally because i have recording equipment that isn't worth shit. Hope you enjoy anyway!!!

Not at all. Trust me I am used to listening to my own shitty demos.

daphnesoma asked: are nick or bo or maddie on tumblr?


sosilluminate asked: I'm sure I've kinda asked this before on that facebook thingy, can't remember. Well anywho, out of simple curiosity what would it take for yeh to play abroad in the UK, around Europe, especially Dublin,Ireland. (Alot of great small venues in Dublin or even Cork city that would suit yer style of music.) I hope you don't mind me asking this.

Course not ! Honestly? A nice planned out promoted set of gigs and an invitation. We would go and plan one ourselves but its too much money unless we have something legit and organized. That being said we miss it allllllot, well I know i do.

If you say

Talking in semantic errors: 

the governments is the synesthesia of the material

or rather the materials the synesthesia of the government  

yet voluntary

fishing for words and pulling out their cousins

when you speak them 

cognition an act of mutation in its own right.

Did you know that tied to any rhythm

is an abortion?

Would you be more impressed with me if I jump from A to C? 

All my life Ive been trying to plow through ambiguities

while the world thinks in dominos  

a,b,c,d,e,f,g,1,2,3,4,5,left to right, if this then that, if this then who cares?

There is a poetry in moments of clarity , so what? So everything.

It is so often you find your self thinking in seg

ments: Pangea is gone therefore I’ve been divided,

and its so often you tie them together only after they’ve gestated.

Pangea is gone;so I stand small on something made smaller 

furthering a fractal.Its so easy to be a mystery -

if you say 

daphnesoma asked: would you be willing to listen to a fan's music and give feedback?

Of course ! I mean I don’t know if I have anything of value to say. I sort of intuitively write, but yeah of course. I shall try my best to be of service.  

Old to me,but new for you I guess…

Anonymous asked: what part of nyc do you live in?


daphnesoma asked: Damn. Well one day I will trek to New York and/or wherever the fuck you guys end up playing at. And it will fucking rule. Are you guys planning to release any new material any time soon?

Yesyesyes. We are working on knew stuff as I type this. Super excited about the new stuff.

Anonymous asked: want to date?

Do I want to date an anonymous smiley wearing sunglasses? Yeah sure can’t see that ending badly.